Anton Honikman, MyVest CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Worsey, MyVest COO

Chief Operating Officer

Arlene Pons, MyVest CTO

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Moats, MyVest CIO

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Joanne Pons VP of Engineering

VP of Engineering

Brian Marchiel, MyVest VP of Product

VP of Product Management

Cheryl Noriye, VP of Customer Operations & Support

VP of Customer Operations & Support

VP of Customer Success

Jennifer Hartmann, MyVest VP of People & Culture

VP of People & Culture

Charlie Haims, MyVest VP of Marketing

VP of Marketing

Mike Everett, MyVest VP of Business Development

VP of Business Development


Bill Harris, MyVest Cofounder


Chuck Lewis, MyVest Cofounder


Steve Warren, MyVest Cofounder

Co-founder & Senior Technical Advisor