Wealth management firms continually strive to improve their efficiency and deliver more capacity to their advisors. Technology can help both firms and advisors meet these demands.

MyVest’s Strategic Portfolio System™ (SPS) is a wealth management platform tailored to large financial institutions. It is purpose-built to optimize the firm, deliver efficiencies, and help advisors grow their business.

Here’s how SPS can help you expand capacity:

The average advisor struggles to find time for value added activities:

As noted by McKinsey, leading wealth managers use technology to give their advisors the tools to be more efficient and effective – which allows firms to grow business and increase operational efficiency. More efficient advisors have added capacity in their day to increase client acquisition and retention, and are happier in their work.

Firms that embrace technology to increase efficiency are able to grow clients by 3.7% more annually than an average firm, according to the Fidelity 2022 RIA Benchmarking Study.

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Resource Library for Advisor Capacity

*While commonly referred to as Rep-as-Portfolio Manager or Rep-as-PM programs, this advisory model is more widely adopted in our industry than simply by brokerage reps. So for the purposes of our analysis, we have coined the term Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) to define the advisory model used in different types of firms throughout the industry.

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