San Francisco, February 14, 2023 — Wealth management firms recognize the importance of improving capacity for their advisors, as advisors continue to struggle with the time required to effectively manage their entire practice while providing value to each client and prospect interaction.

MyVest helps firms meet this productivity challenge through a series of improvements to its Strategic Portfolio System (SPS) over the past year that deliver major UX and functionality improvements to the Advisor Portal.

The SPS Advisor Portal puts practice-level and household level dashboard views, powerful data, tools, and streamlined daily workflows all in one place. Key enhancements include: 

Improved UX with streamlined workflow

  • New client households and their portfolios can be set up in as little as two clicks, allowing the advisor to deliver an improved first interaction for their client. 
  • The tax loss harvesting workflow has been streamlined, helping advisors shift from managing loss harvesting account-by-account to across all their portfolios in a couple of clicks. 
  • Enhanced support for advisor-initiated requests that are executed by central teams.

Easier way to add personalizations 

  • An improved UX makes it easier for advisors to set up personalizations, such as ESG and security restrictions, the client tax profile and liquidity preferences, enabling them to deliver more powerful customization at scale. 

Expanded Access to Tax Savings Report

  • Expanded access to the Tax Savings Report for advisors to share with clients, demonstrating their value through client-ready content.

As Cerulli notes, “advisors spend about 41% of their time on investment management and administrative responsibilities which is time they aren’t spending prospecting or improving their practice.” The Advisor Portal’s new features and streamlined workflows help address this imbalance, transforming the firm and giving advisors more time to spend on high-value activities like nurturing client relationships and acquiring new business. 

In 2023 and beyond, MyVest will continue to invest in enhancements to the Advisor Portal with a focus on a fast and intuitive interface, more personalization, an easier client onboarding and proposal process, more analytics and reporting options, and enhanced household management.

“Our goal is to delight advisors with a modern and intuitive advisor experience. The new Advisor Portal has helped advisors dramatically increase their productivity.” said Justin Kikuchi, Senior Director of Product Management at MyVest.