Welcome to our MyVestor Spotlight series, where we highlight what makes MyVest so special – our people! 

Yingjie Wang, Software Engineer at MyVest has been with MyVest for nearly 2 years. She says, “As a minority and underrepresented woman with little past experience in tech, I feel very supported and comfortable working in the environment that MyVest provides. I feel very proud to be a MyVestor.

Tell us about your role at MyVest.

I’m a junior front-end engineer in the Data Technologies/Operations Applications team. My work focuses on helping build, maintain, and improve the user interface (UI) pages and features for operations within the Strategic Portfolio System™ (SPS). I find working in the front-end of software development exciting because the outcomes of my work can directly be seen and interacted with by our customers.

What has been your career path? What brought you to MyVest?

I had a career transition from non-tech to tech after moving to the USA from China. As a single parent to a special needs child, I was motivated to have a career in tech especially in programming so that I can become a role model for my daughter. After teaching myself fundamental javascript, I joined Techtonica, a non-profit coding bootcamp for women and non-binary adults to learn web development from January to June 2021.

MyVest was one of Techtonica’s partners for internship placement in my cohort. I liked the company’s culture and values very much as well as the products it builds, and listed MyVest as my top wish for the internship. After the interview, I was very fortunate to get the internship offer from MyVest. My team and the UI team were so supportive to help me learn and grow. I was participating in working on several UI features and projects. After eight months, I was so thrilled to be promoted to a full time junior software engineer position at MyVest, which is a significant milestone in my career.

What does your job entail?

My job entails user interface (UI) development within the Strategic Portfolio System (SPS) to make the pages functional as well as aesthetic based on customer or internal requirements. It includes building web pages, improving features & functions, upgrading the framework, and some testing. I mostly use Typescript as the programming language and Angular as the UI framework in my work.

I work closely with the senior UI engineers and product managers as a team. I also participate in working on model design to have a better understanding of project development cycles. As a junior engineer, I always have new things to learn in my work and I’m very appreciative of the guidance and support from our senior engineers/tech leads for helping me improve my coding skills and domain knowledge.

What do you like most about working at MyVest?

Yingjie with her Techtonica cohort

People and culture of the company is what I like most about working here. Without MyVest’s support for underrepresented women like me, I would never have ended up working in software engineering. It’s a life changing experience, and I’m so grateful to MyVest. The company is like a big family. Everybody here is nice and helpful to each other. It’s my first developer job after graduating from a coding bootcamp with very limited work experience. My coworkers and managers, who are all super intelligent and have years of experience in the industry, are always supportive of my work and answer my questions very patiently even if the questions are ‘naive’ to them. They give me confidence and help me overcome my imposter syndrome. MyVest provides me with great opportunities to learn and grow as a software engineer.

What would you say about the culture at MyVest?

I would say innovation, collaboration, and diversity are very important parts of the company culture. In the front-end engineering side, we have been upgrading the UI framework and have implemented the new UI testing standards for better performance and higher efficiency. We have monthly ‘Engineering Town Hall’ meetings to keep every engineer updated with the company-wide progress and plans. MyVest truly values inclusivity and diversity. As a minority and underrepresented woman with little past experience in tech, I feel very supported and comfortable working in the environment that MyVest provides. I feel very proud to be a MyVestor. 

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