Welcome to our MyVestor Spotlight series, where we highlight what makes MyVest so special – our people! 

Tell us about your role at MyVest and what you like most about working at MyVest?

MyVest at a Giants Game

I am the Executive Assistant to Anton Honikman, CEO, and have been with MyVest for 5+ years. I thought about the best way to answer this question. I didn’t want to enumerate every aspect I love about working at MyVest, like the people and the work that we do. I will just be repeating what everyone here has already said. But really, it’s the inclusive environment, the “family” vibe that we have built here. One of the things that I most like about working at MyVest is the RESPECT … respect  for my ideas, my time, my culture, my beliefs, my language, and my customs. Not only have I received the respect as a coworker but most importantly as a person. I can say without hesitation that to me, that is the absolute BEST part about being a MyVestor—I feel valued and appreciated.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“If the no is already guaranteed, why not try for the yes … you have nothing else to lose!” (I promise you, this sounds better in Spanish.) This advice really stuck with me. It’s more likely that someone will say no when I want to do something, or try something, or ask permission for something. But I always stop to think, “What if this time they say YES?” And this has really helped me push myself over the years.

What do you like to do for fun? 

Here we are with the graduate!

Dance, I love to dance to Salsa music. I love to read a lot. I mostly read mystery novels. Fun fact about me, I have read every single Agatha Christie novel at least three times!

What is your most significant achievement to date – personal or professional?  

As an immigrant to this country who came here 32 years ago with dreams of freedom, I can say without even thinking my most significant achievement is having my family HERE with me.

But I need to be more specific, I can say that today I have accomplished two major achievements in my life:

First, in my 40s, I was working for an amazing family who supported my decision to go back to college and continue the path I was forced to quit in my home country because of the Civil War in El Salvador. After finishing college, I was able to completely change my career path to do something I love even more.

My mother who is 97 with my two girls

Second, but probably my most important achievement to date was seeing my older daughter graduate not just with her Bachelor’s degree from Gonzaga University, but also seeing her receive her Master’s degree by the time she was 23 years old! Seeing her accomplish her own goals means to me that I have achieved the “American Dream.” My next big dream is already in progress, my other daughter is starting high school this fall.

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