MyVest is a proud winner of two awards from the Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA)—the Technology Innovation Award for our leadership and ongoing enhancements to optimize enterprise workflow and the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award for our outstanding leadership, innovation and results in diversity management.

Optimizing the enterprise 

MyVest was recognized for streamlining workflows for advisor efficiency and increased capacity, improving collaboration between the home office and advisors, and operationalizing manual processes. These enhancements improve efficiency of the portfolio management workflow between advisors and central overlay team, ultimately giving advisors time to focus on client needs and increased capacity. 

Shared discretion enhancements combine the firm’s investment expertise with the advisor’s knowledge of the client and is delivered through improved UX, data and workflow. This continues to improve the way advisors and their home office work together to deliver custom strategies for clients. In addition, it delivers greater flexibility for advisors to efficiently adjust asset class and security exposure within firm tolerances. 

Finally, advisors have expanded capabilities for systematic tax management, with more granular control over complex tax-loss harvest use cases and tax budgets. New “What-if” pre-trade analytics allow advisors to assess the tax impact of trades, thus creating enriched client discussions.  

Our DEI strategy gets results

MyVest has long held a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and have adopted a formal DEI strategy around 4 pillars:

  1. Driving change through talent acquisition, which emphasizes increasing the diversity of our candidate pool and reducing bias in our selection process.
  2. Going deeper on inclusive culture, which builds on our already strong culture of inclusion. 
  3. Demonstrating and cultivating social responsibility, which demonstrates the  importance of DEI work in the greater community, not just within the company.
  4. Put progress in the spotlight internally and externally. This keeps us striving to be and do better, allows us to share our great team culture while keeping us accountable. 

“Successful outcomes hinge on our people. Everyone working together with trust and camaraderie is vital to our success,” said Jenn Hartmann, Chief People and Culture Officer. “These things don’t happen overnight. We have an ongoing commitment to helping our team members be happy and successful as individuals and as a team.” She continues, “At MyVest, we look at the whole person and want them to thrive in all facets of their life.“ 

About the awards

The BISA Technology Innovation Award is designed to recognize leadership in the advancement of the financial services industry’s products, services and platforms through innovation in technology. This award highlights companies for their commitment to advancements in technology-based solutions for the industry.

The BISA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award recognizes successful diversity efforts of organizations in the financial industry. The award is presented to firms that demonstrate outstanding leadership, innovation and results in diversity management. The award also aims to promote sharing effective diversity strategies and tactics that create an impact within the industry. Finally, the award also aims to encourage and promote active participation by senior management in diversity efforts across the industry.

MyVest is thrilled to receive recognition in both these categories and would like to thank BISA for this recognition. BISA is dedicated to serving those responsible for marketing, sales and distribution of securities, insurance and other financial products/advisory services through the bank channel.