MyVest is honored to be named a winner in two ThinkAdvisor class of 2023 LUMINARIES awards: 

  • We won an Executive Leadership-Firm award for helping firms optimizing their enterprise 
  • Our long-standing partnership with ShelterTech was selected in the Community Impact category 

Executive Leadership-Firm award—Optimizing the Enterprise

As a leader in tax management, MyVest continues to invest in delivering comprehensive tax management and personalized portfolios at scale. Recent enhancements to MyVest’s Strategic Portfolio System™(SPS) focused on optimizing how this is done across large firms by streamlining workflows for advisor capacity, improving collaboration between roles across the enterprise, and operationalizing manual processes. Highlights include: 

Systematic Tax Management
  • Enhanced tools for advisors to establish, monitor and manage personalized, tax-optimized transition plans at scale.
  • Expanded rebalancer delivers enhanced transparency and firm configurability to tax-optimization and risk tolerance settings at model, asset class and sub-asset class levels. 
Enterprise-wide Collaboration 
  • Improved efficiency of portfolio management workflows between CIO, advisors and traders for model management, rebalancing, substitutions, and liquidity.
  • Advisor Portal upgrade expands ability for advisors to delegate to centralized teams.
Shared discretion 
  • Improved UI, data, and workflow to better manage the balance between advisor flexibility and firm control. 
Enterprise configuration
  • A new, single actionable dashboard to manage portfolios at scale.
  • Automate the complexities of combining multiple accounts into households.

All of these enhancements and more were driven by MyVest’s objective to sweat the details of enterprise firm scale and collaboration, so that our customers can focus on delivering the best possible advice for their investors.  

Community Impact award—Supporting ShelterTech 

Each year, MyVest embarks on an ambitious Summer of Giving program. Our program began in 2020 to drive COVID-19 relief and combat racial injustice. This year the theme was focused on volunteerism. Each MyVestor was encouraged to use five days of volunteer time off to support organizations that mean something to them. Our goal is to make a positive impact on our communities and the world at large, and to spark a stronger sense of philanthropy and action-oriented outreach among MyVestors.

One of the most supported organizations by MyVestors is ShelterTech. ShelterTech was formed in 2016 to provide internet access to the nearly 28,000 people experiencing homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area, by making it easier to connect with resources that can help them address their challenges. The core technology platform that powers ShelterTech was built in part through countless volunteer development hours from the talented tech team at MyVest. Since those early days, MyVest continues to be a proud supporter of ShelterTech through volunteer hours and funding. ShelterTech is close to home for MyVestors, as it was co-founded by our own Joe Freund, MyVest senior director of platform engineering. He sits on the board of ShelterTech and is an active rabble rouser for recruiting and motivating volunteers.

Homelessness is one of the most serious problems facing San Francisco. It’s too big for any one person to solve. It’s very rewarding for us to be able to put the skills we built in our careers toward helping address that problem,” said Joe.

Projects led or contributed to by MyVest members include:

  • Development and deployment of the first version of, ShelterTech’s flagship product.
  • Buildout of the production infrastructure in Google Cloud.
  • Redesign of, the corporate site.
  • Distribution of portable battery chargers to people in need.
  • Ongoing feature enhancements to 
  • This year, the team built out “breaking news” functionality used to alert users of changes to service providers and provide other timely information that may be of use to them.

Residents can use free wifi and hardware at shelters and transitional housing facilities. In addition to providing internet connectivity, ShelterTech also provides a San Francisco Service Guide, a platform designed to connect people who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity to needed services in San Francisco. Anyone with access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer can utilize this online directory of human services provided in San Francisco. These programs are supported by Community Representatives to inform work from their lived experiences and rely on volunteers to continuously update the resources (See:

Here are some of the impacts of ShelterTech programs:

  • Over 1,600 people have daily internet access in local shelters and resource centers.
  • 5,000 unique monthly visitors, including both caseworkers and those experiencing homelessness. 
  • 72,000 users a year, 463 organizations represented.
  • The Mission Hotel, the biggest single-room occupancy shelter (SRO) in San Francisco now provides free wifi and hardware to hundreds of people.
  • 100% volunteer run with 40 volunteers doing everything from programming to searching out current information on resources.
  • The SF Service Guide platform is provided for other organizations to use on their own websites. ShelterTech has worked closely with SF Families and Link-SF to provide a custom experience catered to their users’ needs, leveraging their data curation pipeline to keep that information accurate and up to date.

About the ThinkAdvisor Luminaries awards

The ThinkAdvisor Luminaries awards recognizes the dynamic and inclusive ways individuals and organizations have shown they are producing meaningful, innovative and replicable results in the areas that matter most to advisors: Community Impact; Executive Leadership; Innovation; and Thought Leadership. 

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