This blog recaps highlights from a video interview published in FundFire, hosted by Danielle Verbrigghe | February 14, 2024

MyVest CEO Anton Honikman met with Danielle Verbrigghe of FundFire to cover how investment advisory firms are addressing challenges with Rep-as-PM programs.

“Firms are thinking about how to make Rep-as-PM more scalable so that there are higher margins in those businesses without compromising the investment solution for their clients.”

Interview highlights: 3 ways to increase Rep-as-PM scalability

Anton observes that wealth management firms are taking a number of steps to future proof their Rep-as-PM programs with scale and efficiency at the forefront.  Beyond establishing allocation guardrails to ensure consistency and alleviate compliance concerns, he offers 3 additional ways to extend scalability: 

  1. Start using models in their Rep-as-PM programs. 
  2. Think about delegating trading and rebalancing away from the advisor to a centralized desk. 
  3. Provide scalable portfolio management tools to the advisors themselves, so that they’re not operating on a portfolio-by-portfolio basis. Instead, they can operate across their book comprehensively. 

All of these collectively contribute to a more scalable, higher-margin, more consistent Rep-as-PM program.

The interview took place at the Money Management Institute’s 2023 Annual Conference. Anton moderated a panel at the conference titled, Advisor-Client Engagement: A New Wave of Tools for a New Generation, which covered innovations in client engagement tools and practices, how advisors can connect client engagement to advice and ongoing portfolio management, and how engagement models have evolved across different wealth and demographic segments.

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