Advisors Gain Freedom, Firms Maintain Guardrails, Clients Achieve Better Outcomes

San Francisco, June 29, 2021 –MyVest’s Strategic Portfolio System™ (SPS) provides enterprise wealth management firms the tools to create better, more personalized tax-optimized portfolios for investors. With this release, we continue our investment in functionality that enables those firms to strike the right balance between advisor flexibility and home office control. In addition, we are expanding on our fundamental value proposition to power personalized portfolios at scale.

Shared discretion between advisors and the home office made easy

We’ve progressed innovative features for advisors while facilitating transparency for the home office. In doing so, we address the challenge of balancing firm control with advisor flexibility presented in our whitepaper on Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) programs (commonly known as “Rep-as-PM” in the broker-dealer segment).

Advisors and their home offices can now work together to deliver custom strategies for each client while still staying compliant with firm-level guardrails and rules. Highlights include:

  • Customizations made easy: Customized advisor-managed sleeves are quick and intuitive to create. With the application of a new default asset-class (or sub-asset class) filter, implementing an advisor-managed sleeve is streamlined. Now advisors can let the system do the work where securities that are not in the model will automatically be pulled in as model targets based on the filtering criteria. This results in greater customization and control with no additional overhead for the advisor.

  • Advisors gain freedom: With the simplified process for creating an advisor-managed sleeve, advisors can enact their ideas on transition management, security selection, model weights, or other criteria as part of a broader home office multi-sleeve strategy with ease. This ability to personalize portfolios better enables the advisor to manage assets and tax consequences with the client’s goals in mind.

  • Firms maintain guardrails: A fresh new UX for strategy & model customization increases the transparency of the changes advisors make within the home office’s framework. As a result, advisors can efficiently adjust exposure to an asset class or security within guardrails set by the firm, while the firm can be confident that advisors are working within recommended investment choices, models (third party or internal), and criteria that the central office has authorized.

Empowering advisors with analytics and custom views

This release also includes enhancements to Portfolio Editor, the single portfolio management, pre-trade analytics, and trade generation functionality within SPS. Among the many updates, two are particularly noteworthy:

  • Custom views: New views are tailored to a user’s individual preferences allowing unprecedented visibility into hundreds of data points for each portfolio. Drag and drop, and expand/collapse functionality allows each user to create their preferred views and save those preferences for future use.

  • Updated analytics UX: Transparency and visibility into pre- and post-trade analytics are critical to advisor effectiveness. With this update, data is presented on-demand, enabling advisors to understand the impact of proposed trade orders on tax, income, cash, tracking error, and more. With the click of a button, advisors have context-rich data to make better decisions and provide updates and explanations to clients on the rationale for trades.

Given the intuitive nature of Portfolio Editor, advisors have begun using new features immediately with limited to no training. As a result, we’ve seen dramatically accelerated adoption compared to our original forecast.

Enhancements reflect customer priorities

Investing in functionality that enables organizations to strike the right balance between advisor flexibility, customized client strategies, and home office policies is critical to customer success.

“As a customer-centric organization, we encourage and listen to customer feedback. The dialogue makes for great relationships and great products,” says VP of Product Brian Marchiel. “We’re pleased to provide these cutting-edge features that enable advisors to create better outcomes for their clients.”

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