MyVest recently won 3 honors from WealthTech Americas — the 2023 CTO of the Year award went to our own Arlene Pons, and we also won the WealthTech Employer award and the Diversity award.

CTO of the Year—Arlene Pons

As CTO and Chief Architect at MyVest, Arlene Pons oversees MyVest’s technology direction and system architecture, guiding consistency and collaboration across all the teams in the organization. Arlene is a hands-on technology leader focused on delivering scalable, extensible enterprise solutions by mentoring engineering teams and championing innovation. 

As the original architect of the platform, Arlene engineered MyVest’s pioneering household data model enabling advisors to optimize the management of multi-account portfolios. She also architected the data system to unify multiple roles and end-to-end functionality across the same data and code base in real-time.

Arlene strives to share ideas and standards across the company, as well as set long-term technology goals to ensure MyVest is positioned to lead the industry in holistic, tax-optimized portfolio management. 

WealthTech Employer

One of MyVest’s core tenets is “People Matter,” and it’s a true guiding principle for us — everyone’s voice is heard and encouraged. MyVest’s culture is built around caring for each other. We offer: 

  • Annual bonus, long-term bonus, 401K match, wellness $$
  • Generous family and individual benefits & perks
  • Annual professional development $$
  • Career growth and work/life balance. 
  • Awesome SF headquarters with stocked kitchen, game room, hackathons, release parties. 
  • You have a life. We get it. Flexible PTO and work from home options.

One MyVestor says it best, “What’s really special about MyVest is the people. I love that I’m not just a number, that we’re small enough that each person is visible and can have a real impact.” Our tenure is 4.5 years (with many MyVestors here for 10+ years) so we know we’re doing something right!


“Diversity,” “Equity” and “Inclusion” are some of the most popular words of this century. They are equally important to MyVest. In leading these efforts at MyVest, Jenn Hartmann, Chief People and Culture Officer says, “We can’t build or maintain equity and diversity without inclusion, and each makes us a better company.” 

MyVest has long held a focus on diversity and we have adopted a formal DEI strategy around 4 pillars:

  1. Driving change through talent acquisition, which emphasizes increasing the diversity of our candidate pool and reducing bias in our selection process.
  2. Going deeper on inclusive culture, which builds on our already strong culture of inclusion. 
  3. Demonstrating and cultivating social responsibility, which is really about putting our money where our mouth is.  Any company that is serious about the importance of DEI work must support this work in the greater community, not just within the company.
  4. Putting progress in the spotlight internally and externally. This keeps us striving to be and do better, allows us to share our great team culture, and helps keep us accountable. 

“Successful outcomes hinge on our people. Everyone working together with trust and camaraderie is vital to our success,” said Jenn. “These things don’t happen overnight. We have an ongoing commitment to helping our team members be happy and successful as individuals and as a team.” She continues, “At MyVest, we look at the whole person and want them to thrive in all facets of their life.“ 

About the WealthTech America Awards 

The WealthTech Americas Awards are now in their second year and give prominence to WealthTech companies servicing the North American and Latin American family office and wealth management industry. The awards include categories for technology companies supporting the family office sector covering the North American family office space. Congratulations to all the 2023 winners.