We’re incredibly excited to announce we have been named Best Technology Provider: Portfolio Management, Accounting & Performance Reporting at the 2020 WealthManagment.com Industry Awards!

We were specifically recognized for our tax management capabilities, focused on making tax management more accessible and systematic. Our enhanced portfolio management and rebalancing system enables advisors to tailor tax management best practices to their own clients and make them a systematic part of their daily practice.  

Advisors can now configure core tax settings (tax-loss harvesting, asset location, gain deferral, tax lot selection), plus additional features: 

  • New settings for employing tax-loss harvesting manually or automated 
  • New methods for using substitute securities during a wash-sale period 
  • Increased precision in asset location from a new tax impact score 
  • A new asset relocation feature to relocate securities over time 
  • Increased efficiency from new tax management alerts
  • New annual tax budget settings to give clients predictability of their tax liability 
  • New tax savings reporting helps advisors better demonstrate their value in client conversations 

As a long-time industry advocate for pursuing tax alpha in portfolio management and rebalancing, MyVest set out to expand advisor and portfolio manager use of these capabilities, and demonstrate how pursuing tax alpha can lead to: 

  • Better portfolio outcomes: Advisors gain more control and certainty over how they want to manage taxes among the myriad of choices, which they can then put into a regular systematic process. The net result is that tax alpha will be achieved much more often.  
  • Better client conversations: By making tax management best practices more accessible and systematic, advisors will be able to demonstrate this practice as a unique, tangible value to their clients, leading to more valuable conversations with their clients. 

Read more about MyVest’s approach to tax management.

About the WealthManagement.com Awards

The awards, known as the “Wealthies,” highlight current initiatives across a broad range of individuals, companies and organizations whose work helps financial advisors build better practices and improves the quality of services for their clients. A panel of independent judges pulled from different corners of the wealth management space selected the initiatives they felt had the most relevance and impact to help financial advisors, and they will select the winner in each category to be announced in the fall.

MyVest was a finalist in two categories for the 2020 awards.