MyVest is a proud winner of a Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA) Technology Innovation Award for our leadership and ongoing enhancements in tax optimization. 

Tax Management with Fine-Tuned Control

MyVest was recognized for expanding how firms can configure the upfront strategic settings to manage taxes during rebalancing and portfolio management, and to then operationalize and scale those strategic decisions in our platform’s systematic daily portfolio management process.  

With this, advisors have increasingly more fine-tuned control over the core tax management settings — tax-loss harvesting, asset location, gain deferral, and tax lot selection. Plus, further enhancements cover a comprehensive set of capabilities including tax budget settings, substitute securities management, tax impact scoring, alerts, and tax savings reporting

An Industry Advocate for Tax Alpha

As a long-time industry advocate for pursuing tax alpha in portfolio management and rebalancing, MyVest is continually expanding advisor and portfolio manager use of these capabilities. These capabilities impact the industry by demonstrating how pursuing tax alpha can lead to: 

Better portfolio outcomes: Advisors gain more control and certainty over how they want to manage taxes among the myriad of choices, which they can then put into a regular systematic process. The net result is that tax alpha will be achieved much more often.  

Better client conversations: By making tax management best practices more accessible and systematic, advisors will be able to demonstrate this practice as a unique, tangible value to their clients, leading to more valuable conversations with their clients.  

About the Technology Innovation Award

The BISA Technology Innovation Award is designed to recognize leadership in the advancement of the financial services industry’s products, services and the platforms through technology innovation. This award highlights companies for their commitment to advancements in technology-based solutions for the industry. 

MyVest would like to thank the Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA) for this recognition. BISA is dedicated to serving those responsible for marketing, sales and distribution of securities, insurance and other financial products/advisory services through the bank channel.