Originally published on techtonica.org

The Enterprise Wealth Management Platform brings fintech opportunity to January Software Engineering Cohort

Techtonica is pleased to announce a new partnership with MyVest, a leading provider of unified wealth management technology.

The partnership acts as both sponsorship and work placement, funding a Techtonica participant to study full-stack engineering in an intensive six-month program, followed by a full-time offer upon completion.

The news comes after a particularly challenging year for many during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden closure of sponsored work spaces left program participants without stable internet or other basic necessities to complete their programs. Techtonica’s hallmark mentorships, resume workshops, and networking events were moved online. However, with increased support for participants while at home, the program saw its first successful online, remote graduation ceremony.

“It’s been an intense year, and I feel like we’re ending it on a hopeful note,” said Michelle Glauser, Techtonica CEO. “We’re ready to welcome a new year and a new cohort. Partnering with MyVest helps us connect and grow our network of supporters in fintech.”

Techtonica helps local low-income women and non-binary individuals learn the engineering skills needed to triple their income and thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to their intensive course of study, participants are also paired with a mentor who supports them throughout their job placement upon graduation. Participants are exposed to interview workshops, resume feedback, and networking events with industry professionals.

“We are so excited to join this program,” said MyVest VP of People & Culture Jennifer Hartmann. “Not only does Techtonica bridge the representation gap in tech through a focus on underrepresented women, but they also have a rigorous training program that develops high quality, resilient, diverse talent. It benefits us all.”

The 2021 cohort begins remotely in January and will have between 10 and 15 participants. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or to donate directly to Techtonica, you can visit their website at techtonica.org.