San Francisco, November 15, 2021 – Wealth management firms today, more than ever, recognize the importance of delivering differentiated tax management capabilities and streamlined workflows to their advisors. 

With the fall 2021 release of our Strategic Portfolio System(SPS), MyVest continues to sweat the details so that advisors don’t have to. This release showcases ongoing platform investment in tax management, cash management, advisor efficiency, and API integration. Highlights include:

Enhanced tax personalization settings

By adding new tax management settings, advisors gain granular control over an investor’s tax budget, including controlling the rebalancer’s response to the tolerance for short-term versus long-term capital gains, how turnover is managed in the adherence to a tax budget, and more. 

Streamlined overlay workflows  

A new, single actionable dashboard empowers advisors and overlay managers to manage portfolios at scale. By streamlining workflows to generate, propose, and approve orders across a book of business, advisors and overlay managers can realize significant efficiency gains.

Increased options to raise cash 

When raising cash on behalf of a client, advisors now have the flexibility to choose between a pro-rata sale of securities and a lower turnover option that targets securities to be sold based on configurable rules.

Expanded web services 

MyVest’s web services constitute a broad, robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that expose the functionality and data of SPS to partner applications. Now, we’ve expanded web services to support additional investor-directed use cases to power large enterprise wealth managers’ direct-to-consumer offerings. 

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